How to Control Hair Fall?

Hairs are one of the most important parts of our body that adds to the personality of a person. But, today one of the most common problems faced by maximum number of individuals all around is hair fall. Medically designated as 'alopecia', hair fall refers to a condition when a person experiences an anomalous loss of hair from the scalp. This can lead to partial or complete baldness. Though, falling of hair is a natural phenomenon as the scalp sheds the old hairs, which are being replaced by new one. But, when the scalp shows the inability to produce new hair in order to replace the shed ones, then the condition of baldness arises.

In our daily life we are exposed to several types of chemicals, radiations and other pollutants, which show adverse effect to our hairs. Similarly, we are over stressed with our work that can lead to hair loss. Some more prevalent reasons of hair fall are hormonal imbalance, fungal infections, medicines and several chronic illnesses.

By keeping certain things in mind we can control hair fall in a natural way. Ayurveda recommends several remedies, which are useful in controlling hair fall to a maximum extent. It advocates the use of several oils such as coconut oil, almond oil and shikakai, which are extremely beneficial to control hair fall.

Moreover, use of ayurvedic therapies to control hair fall are very cost effective and has no side effects with great results.